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Crack Sealing to Begin April 27th

City of Genoa – Street Crack-fill Information


Each year, the City evaluates its street and selects cost-effective maintenance treatments to enhance and extend the useful life of the pavement. When pavement is in relatively better condition, crack-fill is applied to extend the life of the pavement and reduce potholes and to prevent water from entering the pavement to reduce the spread of cracking. The crack-fill program is a very cost-effective program that helps maintain and extend the life of the City’s streets.


The following streets are scheduled to be crack-filled starting on Monday, April 27th, and will last a couple of weeks depending on the weather. Watch for the notification signs that will be posted on or near your street. There are some streets listed below that are tentatively scheduled and may not be completed depending on the funds/work needed by each street. The map shows those streets to be completed marked in black and those streets tentatively scheduled marked in the red dash.


Crack-filling is a mobile operation that results in minimal disturbance to residences, businesses and motorists, however, lane closures may be required when the contractor is working along thoroughfares. The roadways will remain open to at least one lane of traffic in each direction at all times. Parking may be restricted for short periods of time when the contractor is working along local streets. The work will be performed between the hours of 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. There may be some exceptions, if necessary.


Trash collection pickup will not be affected by the construction work. Please contact City Hall at (815) 784-2327 if there are any questions regarding the work.


  1. W. 2nd Street – B Street to N. Emmett Street
  2. W. 1st Street – W. Main Street to Duval Avenue
  3. W. Main Street – City Limit to Park Avenue
  4. B Street – W. Main Street to W. 2nd Street
  5. A Street – W. Main Street to North Street
  6. Adams Street – W. 1st Street to W. 2nd Street
  7. N. State Street – W. 1st Street to W. 2nd Street
  8. Washington Street – W. 1st Street to W. 2nd Street
  9. Monroe Street – W.1st Street to W. 2nd Street 4
  10. N. Emmett Street – W. 1st Street to W. 2nd Street
  11. Jackson Street – Jackson Woods Court to S. Genoa Street
  12. S. Emmett Street – W. Hill Street to Jackson Street
  13. Evans Avenue – N. Hadsall Street to end east of Prairie Street
  14. N. Hadsall Street – E. Main Street to W. Railroad Avenue
  15. Stiles Street – E. Main Street to W. Railroad Avenue
  16. Robinson Street – E. Main Street to E. Railroad Avenue
  17. Pearson Drive – S. Hadsall Street to South Centre Drive
  18. S. Hadsall Street – Homewood Drive to end south of Pearson Drive
  19. Secretariat Drive – Derby Line Road to Sir Barton Drive
  20. Whirlaway Drive – Gallant Fox Drive to Secretariat Drive
  21. War Admiral Drive – Secretariat Drive to Secretariat Drive
  22. Gallant Fox Drive – end west of War Admiral to Drive Sir Barton Drive
  23. Sir Barton Drive – Secretariat Drive to end south of Secretariat Drive


The following streets are tentatively scheduled and may not be completed.

  1. Oakview Lane – Ellwood Greens Road to end south of Westwood Circle
  2. Westwood Circle – Oakview Lane Oakview Lane
  3. Timber Trail – Oakview Lane to end east of Oakview Lane
  4. Eureka Street – W. 1st Street to W. 2nd Street


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Waste Management Earth Day Webinar

With many parents with school-age children learning from home, Waste Management – Illinois Missouri Valley Area is delighted to present an educational webinar to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

We hope you and your family join us for our LIVESTREAM 2020 WM EARTH DAY WEBINAR as we present Recycle U – information on the history of Earth Day along with how your curbside recyclables are sorted and made into new products.

To join this webinar, click here:

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Municipal Buildings Temporarily Closed

For the safety of City employees and our residents and based on recommendations from local, state, and federal health officials, the Municipal Center lobbies will remain closed. As of right now, the City Hall and Police Department lobbies are scheduled to reopen on May 1, 2020. The City will remain operational but services that are normally handled in-person will be handled via telephone, email, or mail.

Small Business During COVID-19 Resources

Please join members of the DeKalb small business community (via zoom) to learn more about the recent grants and loans available to business owners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jock Sommese, Small Business Development Center (SBDC) expert, will share information and answer questions. Registration is required.

Click here for the flyer. 

Java with Jeff Rescheduled

Java with Jeff Rescheduled

State Representative Jeff Keicher will be rescheduling Java with Jeff (originally scheduled for April 17). When a new date is determined, we will update residents via our website and social media.

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