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We need your input!

The City of Genoa is beginning the process of updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan and welcomes community input to help plan for the future of Genoa!
The Comprehensive Plan Task Force comprised of residents, business owners, and other community leaders will begin meeting in January but in the meantime, we are asking the community to visit the project website here and share thoughts and ideas on an interactive Comment Map of the community. Some topics you may want to add comments on include:
⚙️What are Genoa’s key assets to preserve?
⚙️What physical constraints limit Genoa’s ability to grow and develop?
⚙️Are there certain properties or sites that should be rehabbed or redeveloped?
⚙️What new businesses would you like to see? Where should they go?
⚙️What new housing types would you like to see? Where should they go?
⚙️Are there certain streets or intersections that raise concerns? (e.g., speeding, pedestrian safety, road conditions, etc.)
⚙️Where should new bike paths or trails go?
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