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Mayor Requests Governor to Reconsider Restore Illinois Guidelines

Mayor Vicary stated in a letter sent to the Governor on December 11th, “You have a toolbox of tools yet the only tool you continue to use is a sledgehammer. Over and over again we only see you taking one approach. I implore you to please revisit your strategy and to move to one of management rather than containment”. This comes after Mayor Vicary asked Governor Pritzker to be more creative in slowing the spread of COVID-19 rather than shutting businesses down.

While there has been no local control given to municipalities regarding the Restore Illinois guidelines, the City will be providing additional measures to businesses, such as electrostatic sprayers, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and instill consumer confidence once again. The Program provides for the purchase of 25 electrostatic sprayers and their disinfectant. A poster stating the business is using an electrostatic sprayer as an additional safety measure will also be given to each business to go in their window.

For local businesses that wish to apply to the program to receive an electrostatic sprayer at no cost, the Electrostatic Sprayer Purchasing Program application is available on the City’s website or at City Hall.

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